Dispute Resolution

What can we do

  • We can refuse to open an Account for any reason.
  • We can suspend or close Your Account for any breach or suspected breach of this Agreement or other valid reason. Upon closure of Your Account, the full balance in Your Account will be paid to You unless there is a reason for such funds to be withheld.
  • Whilst We understand that mistakes and typos happen, if We find the information given at the time of registration to be incorrect, this gives Us the right to close Your Account and keep any funds in it. Likewise, if You fail to pass any personal identification verification procedures We will also close Your Account and withhold any winnings.
  • If You try to open any other Account, on top of Your first Account, We will block or close the Account. We may also block or close Your first Account. If We leave Your first Account open Your remaining deposits from any other Accounts, if any, will be transferred to Your first Account. We will deduct an administrative fee of 10% (minimum EUR 50) for every other Account opened. We may also deduct further fees under these Rules.
  • If We find there is more than one Account registered for Your household We will block or close any Accounts for that household.
  • We may share Your personal and payment information with other people or businesses to check that You are who You say You are and for any verification procedures that We require.
  • We do not give credit. Any balance on Your Account will not bear interest. We will not be treated as a financial institution.
  • If You are found to be using the Website in any way for which it is not intended in order to gain money, We will adjust Your Account to remove any money gained from such activity and the Account may be permanently closed.
  • We can refuse, terminate or limit any bet or wager for any reason.
  • We will declare a bet or stake partially or fully void (and/or close Your Account) if We believe that any of the following apply:
    • You, or people associated with You may have directly or indirectly influenced the outcome of an event.
    • You, or people associated with You may have access to insider knowledge that can influence the outcome of an event.
    • You, or people associated with You are engaged in arbitrage or matched betting.
    • You and or people associated with You directly or indirectly ignore the Rules.
    • The result of an event has been directly or indirectly affected by criminal activity.
    • A significant change in odds happened, for example due to a public announcement in relation to an event.
    • Bets have been offered, placed and/or accepted that We would not have accepted, due to a technical issue affecting the Site at that point in time or a mistake, misprint and/or anything which is outside Our control.
  • We may close Your Account, cancel and/or refund any of Your winnings found in the “Available to Bet” balance, (after the deduction of any withdrawal charges), withhold winnings and/or apply debits as required (in relation to damage caused by You) without any obligation to state a reason or give any notice. If We do this, all valid contractual obligations in place at the time of closure will be honoured.
  • If We suspect that You are involved in illegal or fraudulent activities relating to Your use of the Site (or a third party’s use of the Site) or are in trouble with creditors or are involved in any other behaviour detrimental to the Site, We may freeze or close Your Account and/or cancel stakes.
  • We offer fair, open and transparent progressive jackpots on specific games for players who use its services for entertainment purposes only. In cases where We suspect that a game’s or promotion’s intended spirit is abused, We reserve the right to suspend, or cancel entirely, Your access to the game in question. Should We find it necessary, We may also close Your Account with immediate effect. Where Your Account has been terminated, We shall not be liable for any losses up to the point the Account was closed, nor will We consider any refunds on balances remaining on the Account. ‘Abuse’ is defined as, but not limited to, software-aided play on multiple games concurrently to generate more rounds of a game that could not be done naturally by a human player playing alone. Also, the practice of ‘cherry-picking’ games with ‘value’ jackpots, to the rank exclusion of all other games, will be considered an abuse of the spirit in which the jackpot is intended. In all cases where abuse has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, We retain the right to confiscate all of the winnings and any balance remaining on the Account.
  • All transactions will be monitored and/or reviewed to prevent money laundering.